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After several years as an attorney, Elizabeth decided to change her focus to her lifelong passion - cats! She has volunteered with animal shelters and rescues in California and Arizona, working directly with shelter cats as well as counseling cat fosters and adopters.  Elizabeth became a professional cat behavior consultant in 2009.  Currently, in addition to providing private in-home cat behavior consulting services, she volunteers with the Rancho Coastal Humane Society, working with cats in the shelter and giving presentations on a variety of cat behavior topics.

Elizabeth is a graduate of the University of San Diego and Stanford Law School. 
She continues to expand her knowledge about cat behavior through classes, conferences, and membership in organizations including the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.


“…We had adopted a new cat with special needs and he wasn't adjusting to our other cats. He was starting to act out by urinating outside the box. We were frustrated and had almost given up. I was considering giving him back. After the in home consultation, we made the changes you suggested. There was an immediate change in the problem and it has continued to get better as the weeks go by. Thank you so much for your help and guidance. I highly recommend you to anyone who needs help with their cats.” -- Karen Mays

"It makes me so happy to see the behavioral response to the few things already....  Many thanks again...  You have literally changed our life here!" -- Theadora, Carlsbad, CA

"Elizabeth's class was thorough, well-researched and informative. My cat seems delighted with her suggestions." -- Julia F.

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